Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Predator Seen Swimming in White Rock Lake, Dallas

Tragedy at White Rock Lake

The contents of this blog post have been removed. It covered a man swimming across Sunset Bay from the vicinity of Dreyfus Club at approximately 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. The blog post ran a commentary on this man’s swim, as well as a series of pictures.

Man drowned at White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX

This evening, we discovered that it had been reported in the press that an unidentified man drowned at White Rock Lake at approximately 7:00pm on Wednesday evening, apparently near the shores of Dreyfus Club. It has been assumed by this blog that it was the same man about whom we blogged, and that in all likelihood he decided to swim back to where he started out earlier in the evening. Presumably, he had left his clothing there.

Due to the sensitivity of this matter and the tragic event that subsequently occurred, it was decided to remove the blog post.

We extend our sincere condolences to the family of the drowned man.


  1. Hello, I know the unidentified man and was wondering if you had any idea what may have happened or maybe caught something on your camera that could help explain what happened? Did you see anyone else with him? Please contact the police with everything you have.

  2. We have contacted the police, and were referred to Homicide. No one answers the phone at Homicide, and we left a voice mail. They may not work over weekends.

  3. Please just keep trying until you get a hold of a detective, yes they usually have to call you back. Thank you and please give them your photos, they may be useful in learning why he died... please and thank you.

  4. Homicide does work over weekends, please keep trying, he was a close friend.

  5. Detectives have ruled out foul play. The "story" goes like this... He was at White Rock lake by himself and decided to go for a swim. While he was swimming some random bystander took photos of him swimming. Then he drowned. According to the report he did call for help, and the person who took the pictures did try to save him. But, by the time paramedics got there he was already dead. He died on the 18th. No one was informed until the 20th. And the City had put a final notice to move his vehicle on his van on the 20th as well. His Van and his belongings have been recovered. There will be a memorial service for him held soon.

  6. There is a rumor that he was murdered and was found in the Trinity River. That was NOT him. Although it is understandable why that rumor came to exist since there was a man found murdered in the Trinity River on that exact same day at that exact same time.

    He is a good soul and is well loved and will be greatly missed. This will greatly impact a lot of lives for years to come.

  7. I knew this free spirited individual briefly but he had confided in me about many subjects, many heart-to-heart conversations held and we also shared musical interest as well. He had the most beautiful head of hair I've ever seen, and his love for his wife was truly something to be envied; the real love for spouses has diminished greatly in this world and my heart is broken for his widowed wife and two sons. Swimming in the lake was not a surprise to me; he was spunky and spontaneous; yet truly full of wisdom and ultimately incredibly intelligent. A great mind was lost in this tragedy, a mind that could have changed the world. Why him? I'll never understand. I love you "S". Watch over me if you have time between chats with Jim Morrison