Thursday, March 22, 2012

Art in the Garden at the Dallas Arboretum

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Dallas Arboretum’s annual art show, Artscape, featured nearly 100 artists from around the country.

Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum March 2012
The banner advertising Artscape was displayed on the lake side of the fence.

One of the best artists exhibiting was Lee Reams. Lee is a wonderful artist and is featured in a book soon to be released that showcases the talent of 100 contemporary artists from around the world. And Lee certainly deserves the acclaim! Her art is unique in that she only uses a palette knife when she paints.

Painting of New York by Lee Reams
Lee's painting of New York

This is Lee’s website:

Another artist that captured the imagination was Fredrick Prescott, whose colorful, huge metal kinetic sculptures moved in the wind. Prescott’s work is a blend of pop art and folk art, and is enjoyed and appreciated by both young and old alike.

Kinetic sculpture of a tiger by Fredrick Prescott
An enormous metal tiger - the head moves in the wind

You can find out more about Prescott's work here:

Artscape took place in the stunning gardens of the Dallas Arboretum, located on the south shore of the tranquil White Rock Lake.

Artist's booths were set up between the huge trees in the garden

One can see from the bare trees that Spring had not quite arrived, but things will look a lot different in a couple of weeks.


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