Thursday, March 22, 2012

White Rock Lake, Dallas – a Hidden Gem

White Rock Lake in Dallas is an Urban Oasis

White Rock Lake is truly a hidden gem. So many people have lived in and around Dallas for many years, and have no idea whatsoever as to the existence of this tranquil lake.

The lake is fed by White Rock Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River, and is located in East Dallas. It is surrounded by an impressive trail used by cyclists, runners, walkers and in-line skaters.

Panoramic view of White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas.
  White Rock Lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities,
including sailing

Apart from running and cycling, the lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that include fishing, picnic and barbeque areas, sailing, rowing, bird watching, and offers a multitude of opportunities for photographers.

The lake is a wonderful place for families to enjoy some time together, or for people just wanting to commune with nature or meditate. There's lots to see as well, such as the beautifully restored historic Filter House, or the art deco-style Boathouse built in 1930.

And if you do decide to picnic in the park, please have the courtesy to clean up after yourself!

Let's make White Rock a litter free lake!
 Please clean up after yourself!

The bird life is nothing short of spectacular, with over 217 species of birds, including pelicans, coots, sea gulls, terns and all kinds of ducks and waterfowl. White Rock Lake is on the migration route from Canada to Mexico and many migrating birds stop over at the lake on their long journey.

A pair of Mallard ducks foraging for food, Sunset Bay, White Rock Lake, Dallas
A pair of Mallard ducks foraging for food in Sunset Bay

The objective of this blog is to promote White Rock Lake as a destination, to capture the essence and beauty of the lake, and to portray it as the living, breathing organism that it is.

Enjoy the blog. Enjoy the lake. Enjoy life!


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  1. White Rock Lake is great. You can really enjoy the great outdoors, and there's definitely something for everyone. You kind of forget that you're still in Dallas. :)

  2. I actually visited here a few weeks ago and loved it while I was on a business trip ( I may have to think about moving here!