Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome Encounter with a Coyote at White Rock Lake

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This beautiful Coyote made an appearance in the area of Celebration Tree Grove White Rock Lake at about 5:45pm this evening. He (actually, its sex is unknown) casually sat down and enjoyed the late afternoon sun.

Coyote at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

He is in excellent condition and amused himself by chewing on some copper wire insulated with blue plastic.

Coyotes at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
Chewing on the blue object

The Coyote (canis latrans) is also known as the "prairie wolf" and is Texas' most frequently viewed large carnivore. They are extremely intelligent, curious and adaptable animals.

Awesome Encounter with Coyotes at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
Coyotes are extremely intelligent

You can see from these images that he is obviously well fed, which is not surprising with the Coyote smorgasbord available at the lake. Coyotes are opportunistic carnivores and will eat fish, rabbits, rodents and carrion. In addition, they eat birds, insects and even small domestic pets.

Awesome Encounter with Coyotes at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
It's a beautiful day for a stroll in the park

Coyotes are generally wary of humans, but this guy seemed oblivious to being photographed, and he ignored the runners and cyclists passing by on the nearby bike trail.

Coyotes at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

After about twenty minutes of basking in the sun the Coyote got up, stretched, and casually sauntered along the edge of the thicket before he disappeared into the brush near the little bridge at the Celebration Tree Grove, located close to the Poppy Drive entrance to White Rock Lake in east Dallas.

Coyotes Seen at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
He casually sauntered away

Coyotes at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
He disappeared into the thicket near the tiny bridge at
Celebration Tree Grove


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  1. What a great post - and what an exciting encounter. I'm delighted to discover your blog. I lived in East Dallas for many years, and loved visiting White Rock Lake. I live in NYC now, and blog about our urban wildlife - including coyotes! I actually had the good fortune to watch a coyote in Central Park (of all places) several times during its month-long stay in 2010. I look forward to visiting Dallas this summer, and will hope to catch a glimpse of the White Rock coyote.

    FYI: DFW Urban Wildife recently wrote about a feral hog living in lake Highlands:

    1. Thanks for that link. I have heard about the hog and am going to do some research on it. The park is looking spectacular right now, with beautiful butterflies and magnificent wildflowers everywhere.

  2. I often get followed by coyotes when I walk my dog near the Celebration Tree Grove. They get really close,and don't leave when I yell at them. It's scary.

  3. Pregnant female!